“Your professionalism, patience, sincerity, sensitivity and unwavering commitment will always be remembered.”+lire

-Brian H. Stein

“The most entrusting and professional agent I have ever dealt with in over 20 years.”+lire

-Alan Kavanagh

“Brian has good judgement, smoothes things out when they need it, and makes the right calls.”+lire

-Mary Spencer

“The time and patience you extended to me was far beyond what I thought was the norm”+lire
“Je n’ai que de bons mots pour décrire Brian Dutch, un agent immobilier hors pairs”+lire

-Louis Arseneault

“You are different in the finest sense of the word”+lire

-Drs. Anton & Olga Stupak

“You were extremely patient with our different expectations”+lire

-David & Halina De Sanctis

“Everything you promised on your website, you delivered”+lire

-Carole Duhaime & Christopher Ross

“You worked with prospects masterfully”+lire

-Mark Beard

“You were always available to show the house…and did so with a keen eye for aesthetic details”+lire

-Anna Beth Doyle & Joel Hillel

“You always made decisions in my best interest and I truly appreciated this commitment”+lire

-Sarah Tobias

“Ses années d’expériences dans la vente de propriétés a été grandement profitables”+lire

-Pierre Falardeau

“C’est sans hésitation que nous recommanderions tes services à des amis très proches”+lire

-L & A

“Vous avez fait preuve d’un sérieux, d’une gentillesse et d’une patience exceptionnelle”+lire
“We truly appreciate your courtesy, professionalism, and patience”+lire

-Arielle Elbaz

“They did a really great job!”+lire

-Vivianne Vinet

“Your experience and hard work paid off and we are very pleased with the transaction we finally made”+lire

-Jim & Gail Mathewson

“We appreciate your kindness, experienced eye and attention to detail and we’re very pleased with the successful outcome”+lire

-Bob & Mary Sue Gibson

“You really proved that you care about the mandates you get”+lire

-Jean Lamothe

“Je suis encore émerveillée par ton efficacité”+lire

-Ann-Zoe Trahan

“Your knowledge and many recommendations were very useful and made us feel we were well taken care of”+lire
“I would like to thank you so much for all the extra effort”+lire
“You made a serious and sustained effort to prepare our house for sale”+lire

-Tucker Carrington

“I have no doubt that your success is due to the enthusiasm that you bring to your job”+lire


“Considering our time constraints and availability everything went very smoothly”+lire

-Jo & Philippe

“You have proven to be very professional and extremely honest”+lire

-Catherine Claman

“Brian was a pleasure to work with”+lire

-Heather Abrams

“From the moment I met Brian Dutch, I had every confidence in his ability”+lire

-Caren Olivier

“Te choisir à titre d’agent fut, sans l’ombre d’un doute, un choix judicieux”+lire

-Bernard Boucher